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James Bond Fanfiction

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This community is for fanfiction based on the James Bond character created by Ian Fleming in all his incarnations both on the page and on the screen. All pairings, ratings and genres are welcome

Some general rules:

1. All posts should either be James Bond fanfiction or be discussions somehow related to James Bond fanfiction. This community, however, is not intended for RPF/RPS.

2. Pimping related communities is allowed but only once per community and put it under a cut, please. Directions on how to do a lj-cut are in livejournal's FAQ.

3. All stories longer than drabble-length (approx. 100 words) should be put under a cut.

4. Please include at minimum the following information:

Specific Warnings: (only if needed - use common sense when posting stories with common triggers like suicide, rape, BDSM, etc that would not be implied by the rating alone)

5. Constructive criticism is allowed but insults and flaming are not.

6. Tag your fics. You can create a new tag if your story doesn't fit the existing ones, but use the ones that are already here if they do work. This will make it easier for people interested in your type of story to find it.

7. Crossposting fic with other archives like bond_slash or your personal journal is allowed.