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luizalds in jamesbondfic

Searching desperately for a fic!

Hello, so, I read this fic like an year ago and in it Q is a Holmes and apparently when he was younger he was kidnapped but Sherlock was high and didn't care, or something, and mycroft was doing something else and they took some time to even start looking for him and Q was marked by this and latter he joined MI6 and distanced himself from his brothers(I think they thought he was dead, maybe...?)

Ok so basically some many years latter Q is kidnapped as Q and he suffers some torture and he has flashbacks to his first kidnapping and he thinks nobody will rescue him and he gets really depressed.

I'm very sorry if this post ended up all wrong, I'm awful at livejournal. Please help this is driving me crazy, I've looked in everyday I could think of and I'm so frustrated TT-TT

PS: pretty sure it was on ao3, and pretty sure moriarty shows up at some point...I've looke thought all these tags but nothing...