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Fic Search (is this allowed?) Bottom!Bond

Mods, feel free to delete if this isn't allowed, and let me know where I can go instead.

I'm looking for any and all fic where Bond bottoms. 00Q, Bond/Male Villain, Bond/Random Males, Bond/Woman With a Strap-on, Bond/Toys, etc. It can be consensual, nonconsensual, just business, whatever, as long as James Bond is the one getting dicked. Also, any iteration of Bond is a go. Any genre is good, too. And Bond can top other people, as long as he bottoms at least half the time.


That's kind of a broad question (and you asked almost two weeks ago, so I don't know how interested you still are). Are you asking just because you're kinking on it, or are you trying to do some kind of comprehensive survey? I ask mostly because I'm totally prepared to help with the latter in much more detail, but for the former, I'll save my breath for now and just say that I've found that 00Silva fics are split about 50/50 with who tops. So I'd suggest starting just browsing their tag on Ao3 (there's only about 225 fics total, so once you filter it down to the explicit/mature fics only, it's pretty doable).