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they all had pancake

dalekbarbie in jamesbondfic

fic search!

Mods, wasn't sure if this was allowed but thought I'd give it a shot...if it's not I am so sorry! Anyway, I swear I read this fic a while back and now I can't find it anywhere. And it's driving me nuts. It's Bond/Q and long-ish and I remember a part where they get married in a hotel room and Q hacks the wedding registry, and they put Moneypenny and M as witnesses? (Holy run-on sentence, wow) If anyone can link me to this fic I will love you forever.


I LOVE YOU. That's it!!! Thanks so much <3 I got broken up with today and was all mopey but this seriously makes me feel a bit better. WTF does that say about my life...

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AO3 has a history function??? Well I know what I'm doing this weekend! (I am lame)


Thanks for asking about this! I've been looking for this story for the past few days and found your question through Google. I thought it was more chapters than three so I kept bypassing this story. Thanks again!